Thursday, 18 October 2018

Top Ayurvedic Massage Courses to Study in India

Are you planning to study Ayurvedic courses in India?

If yes, you are going in the right direction to acquire quality education. Training from the expert practitioners would help students to gain theoretical and practical skills in the courses. There is no shortage of colleges offering Ayurveda courses abroad but finding a top college that teaches in-depth practical skills is difficult.

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The demand for Ayurvedic health practitioners is increasing around the globe. There are job opportunities for yoga teachers, nutritionists, and massage therapist in western countries. Seeing the surge in demand, a lot of career aspirants and health enthusiasts are heading to India to study the ancient healing system. Study at a top Ayurveda school in India to get comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Massage therapies have got huge acceptance and use in the healthcare industry now. Many massages are in use to enjoy optimal health by people in daily life. The aspirants face a tough choice which course to study and where. Kerala Ayurveda Academy has become a top choice among the students to study from top practitioners. It becomes a good learning curve for students acquiring both practical skills and knowledge of the ancient healing system.

For students who are still confused which course to study, here are some massage courses that you can consider:
  • Ayurveda massage course
  • Indian head massage
  • Thai massage course
  • Rope massage course
  • Marma points massage
  • Sound healing
  • Yoga retreat
  • Aithein Healing course
  • And others

The traditional massage courses are useful for aspirants to learn and practice on other after certification. Each massage is different in technique and aims for well-being. Students must learn the Ayurveda course in India separately in the Institute for better understanding and insights. But, make sure to look at the institute’s faculty, certification program, and training facilities. Learning the ancient concept is not easy unless trained by an experienced teacher providing detail information to everyone.

Are you looking for a top institute to study Ayurveda massage?

Aitheinhealing may be an ideal choice for you. The institute is situated in Goa and offers many top massage courses to aspirants coming from different regions. Contact them for more information today.

Monday, 15 October 2018

3 Ayurvedic Tips That’ll Help You in Living A Healthy Life

Ayurveda (which stands for “the science of life”) is a 5,000 years old therapy of healing the body. It focuses on maintaining a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda is much better than the medical science because it finds out and eliminates the root cause of a disease rather than just working on its symptoms. Hence, more and more people are heading towards Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is not just a curative therapy for treating diseases but is a lifestyle for preventing diseases and promoting health. It has several rules in its lifestyle guide that help us in living a happier and healthier life. So, here are some of the most beneficial tips from Ayurveda that’ll help you in being healthy.

Start Your Day with Water

The perfect beginning of your day would be with a big glass of warm water. It is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy. To get better results you can add some lime juice to it. Water hydrates the body and flushes out harmful toxins which may lead to several deadly diseases. On the other hand, lemon reduces the production of toxins in the digestive system due to its acidic properties. Also, it helps in improving Agni or digestive fire which boosts immunity and improves digestion.

Get an Oil Massage

Just like machines, our body also needs oil to work smoothlyThe best ayurvedic colleges of India say that oil massage or Abhangya moisturizes the skin, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and improves the circulation of blood in the body. Also, several studies have proven that oil massage before bathing rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft and youthful.

Sleep Enough

Ayurveda considers sleep as one of the three pillars of good health along with balanced life and food. Sleep acts as medicine which prepares our body for the upcoming morning. Taking 7-9 hours of sleep regularly can make you feel lighter and energized.

These simple ayurvedic tips will keep your body fit and prepare it to live longer. If you want to gain more insights about Ayurveda, then you can visit a good Ayurvedic Institute.

Are you looking for a top place to study Ayurveda in India?

Aitheinhealing is a top institute offering top massage courses to students coming from different regions. You can study numerous Ayurveda courses in the institute such as marma therapy, sound healing, nadiprana yoga, and Indian head massage course. So, contact them today to learn about more ayurvedic concepts.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

How Can Ayurvedic Therapies Help Solve Lifestyle-Related Problems?

Everyone is living a fast life now. We keep on running and travelling from one place to another for different purposes. It may be to the office, business meeting and other places. Hardly we realize when our body get succumbed to these demands. Results are the complaints of stress, depression, back pain, anxiety, and psychological disorders.

Modern science has done little to undo ourselves from these problems. There may be some temporary reliefs but assure no cure and prevention. However, Ayurvedic therapies have answers to these lifestyle-related problems.

Techniques are proven effective and help to overcome serious health issues. But, anyone willing to embrace Ayurveda in lifestyle needs to understand and learn from an experienced teacher. One best way to move in this direction is to study Ayurveda in India from a top institute.

How can Ayurveda solve your problems?

According to Ayurveda, the primary cause of a disease formation is disbalance of chemicals in the body. Imbalances occur when one follows an unethical lifestyle, like lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and encourage bad habits. Techniques like Yoga, meditation, massage, and herbal medicines are used to regain that delicate balance to experience well-being once again.

Let us see what these techniques can do for you.


Yoga is a popular form of exercise with a lot of health significance. Here are some of the benefits of yoga:
  • Improve your body posture
  • Increase body’s flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength and joints
  • Increase metabolism to enhance weight loss
  • Maintain an optimum blood sugar level
  • Enhance blood flow to the vital organs
  • Improve your self-esteem increasing confidence
  • Help protect your body from diseases increasing immunity

Massage is another part of Ayurveda treatment. Massages involve pressing of body tissues and muscle to enhance blood flow and bring numerous health issues. Here are the top health benefits of massage:
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Promote emotional and psychological well-being
  • Enhance the body’s immunity system to fight diseases
  • Give relief from pain
  • Improve physical fitness and toned body
Study the Indian Ayurvedic massage to be aware of more health benefits and practice in daily life.


There is scientific evidence that regular meditation brings numerous health benefits to an individual. Meditation is an art of keeping your mind focussed at a point and reflect your inner self. The practice gives the following benefits:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Bring an emotional balance
  • Induce compassion to self and living beings
  • Experience reduction in pain
  • Enhance focus and creativity
  • Improve memory and productivity
  • Fights depression
Herbal Medicine

Ayurveda is a centuries-old healing system and contains a compilation of treatment for various diseases. Thorough research and studies have proven their effectiveness in curing simple to complex health problems. That is the reason Ayurveda is considered to be the best alternative to allopathy medicine. Medicines are made from herbs, flowers, barks, leave and other parts of the plants. Treatments cause no side-effects unlike other treatment systems available in the market now.

Want to study Ayurvedic massage in India?

Aitheinhealing institute in Goa may be an ideal option for you. You can learn Marma therapy, Rope massage, sound healing, Thai massage, and other courses from this institute. Contact them to enroll in the coming session today.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Top Courses to Become an Ayurveda Massage Therapist

Ayurveda is an ancient healing method originated during the Vedic times. The centuries-old healing system has proved effective in the treatment of chronic diseases. Treatments focus on finding out the cause, diagnosis, symptoms investigation, and others. Ayurvedic therapies start only after identifying symptoms and cause to cure, heal and prevent future occurrence.

According to Ayurveda, diseases are caused in the body due to a chemical imbalance. You can use yoga, massage, meditation and herbal medicines to achieve that delicate balance. Apart from the treatment is aimed at achieving complete well-being for an individual – mind, body, and spirit, instead of focussing on a single disease. Ayurveda training in Kerala is an ideal way of achieving insights and skills of leading complete well-being in life.

There is a rising demand for massage therapist in western countries. Uses of therapeutic massages are on the rise. It is an integral part of the lifestyle for health enthusiasts now. Numerous health benefits are associated with massages if taken from an expert therapist. An ideal step for everyone to enjoy the full rejuvenation of muscle, avoid stress, improve immunity system, anxiety and depression.

Grab this opportunity joining the Ayurveda course in Goa. You will learn massage, yoga and other principles in the training classes. Expert practitioners offer training on the workshop to impart skills and expertise to students. Certifications enhancing your credibility and knowledge are provided to students from the institute.

If you want to start a career in massage therapy, you can join the following courses:

  • Ayurveda 4-week massage course
  • Rope massage
  • Thai massage
  • Marma point massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Aitheinhealing massage

Apart from that, you can join the somatic bodywork training in India to learn to deliver Ayurvedic solutions for psychological problems faced by people in everyday life. Experts train students on the principles to acquire knowledge and insights of curing mental illness caused due to trauma or bad experience. An ideal career option for students to gain expertise in this field.

Want to study Ayurveda massage in India?

Aitheinhealing is a leading institute offering top Ayurveda massage courses to students. Contact us to enroll in the course today.

Learn Self-Healing Principles of Ayurveda in India

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues?

Everyone suffers from anxiety, stress, and other health complications in the demanding lifestyle. The modern healthcare practices may provide little relief to your suffering but not cure which you are seeking for. It is because the origin of these health issues is linked to your lifestyle and nutrition.

Without lifestyle changes, you can’t expect significant improvements in your health. However, Ayurveda has answers to these problems.

The principles of Ayurveda are 5000 years old healing system but highly effective to cure, prevent and build a harmonious relationship with nature. The healing courses in India revolve around making your physical and psychological life better. You will learn principles to experience complete wellbeing -body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda believes that diseases form when there is a chemical imbalance in the body. Accumulation of toxins (ama) due to unethical lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, indigestion, and other issues. Our body has self-healing capacity immunity to deal with diseases but fail when we don’t support due to poor lifestyle.

Ayurveda therapies and treatment may help in maintaining that delicate balance for complete well-being. Yoga, meditation, massage and herbal medicine are the principles that you need to adapt to experience bliss in life. Learn Ayurveda in India to acquire knowledge insights how these principles work for your body. You can integrate these healing methods after learning from expert practitioners in training.

Yoga and massage have got immense popularity and acceptance in the western world. You can avail massage therapies at the spa centres, hospitals, clinics, airports, cruise liners, and others. So, there is a rising demand for a massage therapist in the west offering a good career option to students.

Indian head massage is a great massage in the west. It is simple and easy to get anywhere without additional set up with oil. The Indian head massage training teaches you to stimulate and massage the upper part of the body – neck region, forehead, face, upper shoulder and head.

The course will deliver skills on massaging scalp to improve hair growth, blood circulation, reduce stress, neck stiffness, and other. Training is a crucial step for students to start a career in the traditional healthcare industry.

Want to learn Indian head massage in India?

Aitheinhealing is a leading institute offering Ayurvedic massage courses to students in Goa at affordable prices. Contact us to enrol in the course today.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How can Ayurveda bring complete well-being in life?

Everyone wants a fulfilling and disease-free life. But, many people fail to enjoy life to the fullest due to numerous health complications. The primary reason for this rising health issue is poor nutrition and unethical lifestyle. The hectic schedule in modern life is taking a toll on health leading to depression, anxiety, and other issues.

Study the ancient principles for well-being at the Ayurveda school in India. It is the place where the ancient healing system originated and later disseminated abroad. The principles are highly effective and deliver the positive result to the individual. As a result, the Ayurvedic principles are widely accepted and used across continents.

Allopathic treatments may provide temporary relief to these issues but fail to offer a permanent solution. The best solution is hidden in the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. It is a life science that offers a comprehensive method and principle to achieve complete well-being – mind, spirit, and body.

According to Ayurveda, the mere absence of physical disease or pain doesn’t mean that the individual is healthy. In addition to physical pain, the Ayurvedic therapies and treatments focus on psychological health as well. Massage, meditation, yoga, and herbal medicines are incorporated in the treatment regime for an individual.

Study these methods joining the Kerala Ayurveda Academy to get quality training and skills from expert practitioners. At the onset of classes, you will learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills working on the workshops.

Yoga and meditation have got worldwide acceptance and popularity. India head massage is one of the most popular ones in the world. It is simple and accessible to common people. Spa, resorts, airport, clinic and other places offer India head massage for relaxation, reduce tension or stress, and improve blood circulation in the upper body.

The demand for Indian massage therapist risen in the world. An Indian head massage course will help acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to take your career forward. In the classes, you will learn to massage on other students with oil under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Want to study massage course in India?

Aitheinhealing is a leading institute offering different Ayurvedic massage courses to students. Contact us to enrol in the course today.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

How to be a Good Marma Point Massage Therapist?

Every Ayurveda school in India is teaching the essence of ancient healing systems created by sages in the Vedic period. Ayurvedic principles – massage, yoga, meditation and herbal medicines, have got huge acceptance and usages in the western world now. The principles help an individual to lead a life with vitality, strength and happiness. Thus, Ayurveda possesses a complete healthcare service for your body, mind and spirit.

Acquiring complete health – physical and mental health is not possible through the allopathic treatment. Even the modern science couldn’t spell light on the treatment of mental health. The Ayurvedic treatments offer a complete cure for a disease searching for the cause and prevent future recurrence. Learn the ancient life science and methods joining in an Ayurveda course in India. Many institutes are offering comprehensive training to students to acquire skills in this field.

Embracing yoga and massage in daily life bring huge health benefits to individuals. Practising yoga asanas in the morning bring flexibility, energise your body, improve immunity system, and enhance the overall health of an individual.

Stress, depression and anxiety are common health issues faced by everyone in demanding life. There is no answer to these problems in the allopathic system. However, Ayurveda has compelling solutions to these problems. And, there are numerous massages aimed at your wellbeing and relaxation.

Marma point massage is one of the most popular massages originated in the ancient times. It is a process of stimulating your body and release the blocked energies.

Our body contains a total of 109 Marma points. It is the point where bone, ligament, tissue, muscle, and nerve meet. Pressing the marma point with adequate pressure and skill help to release life energies for relaxation and rejuvenation. Join the Marma massage course to learn the art of touching and rubbing spots for maximum relaxation.

Students joining the course will learn the skills to become an expert in Marma therapy. Job opportunities are coming up in the spa, cruise liners, airport, hospitals, and other clinics.

Want to study Marma point massage in Goa?

Aitheinhealing is a leading Ayurveda institute offering training in the healing massage. Contact us to enrol in the massage course today.